00031 | Early Morning Outing

Early Morning Outing 

Dwelling: Daddy’s Rosy Bottom | Ears: sssh…

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

Dress: Storybook | Covet – Black { @Indie Teepee }

Panties: Insanya | Mesh Thong – Pack 1

Tattoo: Carol G | Henna Color Tattoo

Hairlittle bones | Fears – The Redhead

Leg Wraps: Phedora | Leg Accessorie Set v.1  { @On9 }

Arm Straps: *katat0nik* | *katat0nik* (FATPACK) Arm Straps { @Collabor88 }

Piercing: Soonsiki (Now Besom) | New Age Septum Rings – Tungsten

Necklace: AITUI | Key Necklace w/Heart Lock

Nails: C h a r y | Glossy Nails

Ring: Yummy | Ombre Ring


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