00059 | Magical Dragon Eggs

Magical Dragon Eggs

Dwelling: Home | EarsTony Castles – Heart In The Pipes (Kauf Remix)

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

HairTruth | 1o. Oriana [B/W-Blondes-Colours] RARE {gacha}{@The Epiphany}

SuitThe Little Bat | Vixen Suit { @The Thrift Shop} {Thank You  Drusilla! ♥}

The Little Bat Vixen Suit Comes with 16 different variations to interchange! 

{ Click Here To See Them }

Piercing: MONS | Heart Septum Ring (style1&2)

Necklace: SPELL | GAME OF CROWNS Melisandre’s Necklace {silver & black} [gacha}{@The Chapter 4} {Thank You lakua! ♥}

Dragon Eggs: SPELL | GAME OF CROWNS  Dragon Eggs RARE [gacha}{@The Chapter 4}{Thank You lakua! ♥}

{ Click here to see the GAME OF CROWNS Gacha Key }

Furniture In This Photo

Chest: PILOT | Specimen Chest

Butterflies: PILOT |  Butterfly 7, 3, 9, 8, 5, and 2 {gacha}

Candle: *paper moon* | Saints & Spirits  – Catholic – Lady of Guadalupe {gacha}

Insects In Frame: [noctis] | Mesh Insect Technician Collection2

Guitar: {What Next}  | Norwegian Wood  Guitar (decorative only)

Butterfly Dome: +Half-Deer+ | Morpho Butterfleye


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