00073 | Kawaii As F*Ck

Kawaii As F*Ck

Dwelling: [. debauch .]| Ears:Melanie Martinez – Tag, You’re It/Milk and Cookies

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

Hair: [BURLEY]  | Octavia_IV_Quirky

Piercing: (Yummy)  | Gold Septum Rings – Bow {gacha}

Piercing: Amala | The Heart Nose Stud

Eye Make Up: Suicidal Unborn | Red Touch Makeup

Top: The.Doll.House | Morbid Tops (Light) { @Suicide Dollz| Ends 9.7.2016 }

Pants: paper.arrow | pedal.pushers ballet

Tattoo: { Speakeasy }  | Crazy Cat Lady Tattoo

Posture Collar: Happy Undead | Charming Collar [vinyl greys and reds]

Shoes + Socks: Pink Pearl Designs | Say You’ll See Me Again Tip Toe Sneakers{ @Lost And Found }

Furniture In This Photo

Rug: Zaara | Ikat dhurrie rug *multi* {gacha}

Rug: junk. | wannabe boho. rug. two.

Rug: Zaara |  Ikat dhurrie rug *kohl* {gacha}

Rug: junk. | round boho rug. turquoise.

Rug: Aria | Troubadour Rug

Elephant: Zaara | 6 Sandstone elephant {gacha}

Jar: Zaara | 8 Jali lamp *tara* {gacha}

Candles: .aisling. | Candles /Black/


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