00126 | She Was A Fire Eater

She Was A Fire Eater

Dwelling: Home | Ears: The Deadly Elegant Dark Cabaret/Folk Song Collection

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

Hair: +Spellbound+ | Toothbrush // Natural Selection

Piercing: PUNCH | Cross Septum SD

Collar: #EMPIRE | Calendula

Skirt/Corset/Hat/Panties/Shoes: Ghee | SCALA FREAKSHOW RINGMISTRESS { @Freakshow Carnivale }

Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG | Freak Tattoo

Fire Eater Post Set: KAYLiTHiUM | The Opulent Fire Eater { @Freakshow Carnivale }

Clown Make Up: -The White Crow –  | Happy Clown ll {gacha} { @The Epiphany | Ends 11.15.2016 }

Particles: Cole’s Corner | Summer Solstice

Particles: Cole’s Corner | Night of the Fireflies


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