00187 | This Kitchen Is Cluttered!

This Kitchen Is Cluttered!

DwellingHome | Ears: Nick Jones – Close { ft. Tove Lo }

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Kitchen: Trompe Loeil | Retro Kitchen Cherry Red

Rug: 8f8 | 14 Granny’s Winter Cottage – Throw Rug {gacha}

Left To Right: 

Jars: Zaara | Pickle Jar large . medium . small {gacha}

Spices: Zaara | Bayleaves . Nutmeg . Cardamon . Cinnamon . Star Anise . Cloves {gacha}

Shelf: Zaara | Kitchen shelf {gacha}

Chillies: Zaara | Dried chillies RARE {gacha}

Hanging Utensils: Zaara | Antique brass spoon and tongs set RARE {gacha}

Coffee Bag: Standby Inc.  | Coffee Bag (Veranda Blend) {gacha}

Coffee Grinder: Standby Inc.  | Coffee Grinder {gacha}

Espresso Cup: Standby Inc.  | Extra Cup (Small) {gacha}

Coffee Maker: dust bunny  | coffee machine . color change {gacha}

Toaster: dust bunny  | toaster . color change {gacha}

Cappuccino: Tres Blah | Pastry Mania – Mustache Cup {gacha}

Cookie Jars: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Cookie Jars (Blue) {gacha}

Lazy Susan Spice Rack: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – spices {gacha}

Various Cooking Oils: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – oils {gacha}

Canned Goods: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – canned goods {gacha}

Cookies: Schadenfreude | Plate of Ginger Pigs

Hanging Utensils: *ionic*  | Kitchen Menage {gacha}

Blender: dust bunny  | blender . color change {gacha}

Cookie Making: dust bunny  | making cookies {gacha} {thank you Chedda ♥}

Paper Towel Rack: Sari-Sari  | Kitchen Essentials – Paper Towel {gacha}

Ceramic Bakeware: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Bakeware {gacha}

Scale: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Scale (Mint) {gacha}

Canisters: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – canisters {gacha}

Jams: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Preserves {gacha}

Towels: Glam Affair | Kitchen Towels {gacha}

Kitty With Cake: The Mint Condition | Scottish Fold – Lime Cake {gacha}

Candle:  *paper moon* | Saints & Spirits  – Catholic – St. Francis {gacha}

Bunny Timer: .random.Matter. | Kawaii Kitchen – Bunny Timer [Mint] {gacha}

Bunny Teapot: {vespertine} | teatime 13 {gacha}

Hanging Cranes: -ATTIC- | Cranes Lamp Curtain {gacha} {thank you Chedda ♥}

Waffle Maker: dust bunny  | waffle maker . color change {gacha}

Spices N Such: Tres Blah | Kitchen Basics – Misc {gacha}

Hanging Utensils: .random.Matter. | Kawaii Kitchen – Rack {gacha}

Crepe Maker/Crepe: The Secret Store | Crepissimo

Bowls: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – bowls {gacha}

Cereal: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry –  dry goods {gacha}

Electric Tea Pot: dust bunny  | tea pot . color change {gacha}

Magnets: Lark  | Pinup Magnet 8  {gacha}

Paper Goods: Second Spaces | Well-stocked Pantry – paper goods {gacha}


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