00191 | Visiting Santa

Visiting Santa

DwellingDaddy’s Rosy Bottom | Ears: Elvis Presley – Here Comes Santa Claus

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Store: {anc} Ltd. | friedwildberry. ”store” ray RARE {gacha}

Rug: Grimes Central | Red Carpet

Santa: Shore Thing & Special Moments | Santa’s Chair Pose System V2.

Deer: +Half-Deer+ | Fallow Deer – Fawn – Watchful {gacha}

Bunny With Lights: +Half-Deer+ | Bunny helps with the Decor (Snow)

Hanging Snowflakes: Trompe Loeil  | Hanging Snowflake Light {gacha}

Dome: Kalospia | Winter Dome

Milk + Cookies: Stockholm&Lima | Dear Santa [DaddySays]

Cookie Jar: !! Follow US !!  | Christmas jar gingerbread

Side Table: The Domme Lab | Round Side Table

Sheep: +Half-Deer+ |  Kerfluffle Sheep III – Santa’s Wooly Helper {gacha}

Joy Sign: Trompe Loeil  | JOY Light-Up Letters {gacha}

Diamond Lights: Trompe Loeil  | Vintage Diamond Floor Lights {gacha}

Christmas Elf: !gO! | ChristmasElf – Perky {gacha}

Mailbox: Mori. | Letters To Santa Mailbox

Snowflake String Lights: .:TBO:. | Snowy lights string

Floor Glitter: {anc} Ltd. | Confetti. floor [yellow gold]

Deer Garland: Mori. | rudolph garland

Christmas Cupcakes: Lost Junction |  Holiday Party – Cupcake Trees RARE {gacha}

Deer Toy: Kalospia | Deer Pull Along Toy

Elves: Lost Junction | Krampus Elf – Bart + Klaub

Deer Toy: Kalospia | Cookie Plate

Fairy Jar: Cute Poison | Dream Jar B-S Shimmer

Deer Head Marquee: Hive | red-nosed holiday decor

Tables: Trompe Loeil  | Wood and Metal Long Table Black

House Diorama: +Half-Deer+ | Seasonal Mini Scenes [Winter Set]

Stockings:  Alouette  | Christmas Stockings

Christmas Elf: !gO! | ChristmasElf – Pixie {gacha}

Hot Cocoa Machine:  {what next}  | Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Machine {gacha}

Christmas Cards: R(S)W | Christmas Card Row

Gingerbread House: dust bunny | gingerbread house {gacha}

Hanging Heart Wreath: Cheeky Pea | Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath

Candy Cane Giver: ASD | Candy Cane Giver [Assorted]

Gifts: Myrrine | Christmas presents {gacha}

Kitten: Jian | A Very Kitten Christmas – Tuxedo Kitten {gacha}

Snow Globe: Moril Creations | CHRISTMAS SNOW GLOBE 2


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