00308 | The Skeleton’s Dwelling

The Skeleton’s Dwelling

Dwelling: Home| EarsLana Del Rey – Be My Daddy

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Specimens: Death Row Designs | MS – Specimens: Bat Brown, Big Spider, Butterflies, Poisonous Bugs, Beetles Big, Beetles Small,  Bat Black, Bat White

Skeleton: Con.&floorplan. | Medical Skeleton – Bone

Sideboard: The Hive | Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Multi//Dirty

Skeleton: Consignment | Photo Jug

Shark Mouth: Consignment | Fossil Hunter – Jaws {gacha}

Candle: *paper moon* |  7 Day Prayer Spell Candle – LoveSpell} {thank you Sohma! ♥}

Journal: oyasumi | moskin

Book: oyasumi |  alchemy book

Charms: Velika Rituals | Attract quality relationships spell / charm

Heart/Hand: Schadenfreude | The Captive Heart, held

Candle: *paper moon* | 7 Day Prayer Spell Candle – Protection {thank you Sohma! ♥}

Supplies: Consignment | The Edinbure Manuscript – Crimson

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