00352 | Helena


Dwelling: Home | Ears: Marilyn Manson – Minute Of Decay

Hair: .Olive. | the Chelo Hair – Naturals

Dress: CUREMORE | SCAR TISSUE / Patient Cage RARE {gacha}

Arm Caps: Evermore. | Macabre Amputee Arm Caps (FADED+) {gacha}

Leg Caps: Evermore. | Macabre Amputee Garters (FADED+) {gacha}

Dried Blood: Evermore. | Macabre Amputee FADED Omega {gacha}

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Wheel Chair: +LunaRosarie+ | Bloody Rosarie wheelchair Box RARE {gacha}

Room: /anxiety/ | 418

Hook: Falln | Meathook

Candles: .aisling. | Candles

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