00366 | Come Over

Come Over

Dwelling: Home| Ears: Portishead – SOS

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Tapestry: Velika Rituals | Pack Tapestry 1 { @The Spring Cleaning Event | Ends 6.30.2017 } {thank you Maya! ♥}

This tapestry pack is awesome! It comes with 3 different designs. See AD below to see them. 

{ Click Here To See AD }

Velika Rituals’ Flickr | Tumblr | Facebook 

Cat: Fawny | Coven.Cat – Decor – 9 {gacha}

Chaise: {LORE} | Countess Full Set – Countess Chaise { @We ❤ Roleplay  | Ends 6.30.2017 } {thank you Lalita! ♥}

The Countess Chaise comes in a PG or Adult Version. It  also comes with a HUD to change texture colors on both the wood and fabric. The Countess Set comes with all sorts of wonderful things!  See AD below to see it all! 

{ Click Here To See AD }

Lanterns: {LORE} | Marrakesh Lanterns {thank you Lalita! ♥}

Lanterns: {LORE} | Moon Phase Shelf {thank you Lalita! ♥}

{LORE}’s Marketplace | Blog 

Charms: Velika Rituals | Love Spell charm  {thank you Maya! ♥}

Incense: Fancy Decor | Incense Urn (copper)

Table:  Plagued x [SWL] | Black Witches Table {coming soon}

Rug: *paper moon* | Vintage Astronomy Rugs – Canus {thank you Sohma! ♥}

Inked Blocks: *paper moon* | Indian Block Print Decals: Designs { @We ❤ Roleplay  | Ends 6.30.2017 } {thank you Sohma! ♥}

Five designs in 4 different finishes: tintable white, gold foil, silver foil, relief. These are 25% off for the duration of We ❤ Roleplay!

{ Click Here To See AD }

Paper Moon’s Facebook | Flickr 

Also Posted On Tumblr + Instagram + Plurk


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