00373 | Summertime Silliness

Summertime Silliness

Dwelling: Home | EarsLadytron – Seventeen (The Droyds Remix)

Hair: *Pink Hustler* | *PH* 8158 {w/Ice Hud}

Make Up: Mad’ La Boucherie | Mongol Make-Up [ONLY Appliers + Mesh Dots]

Sucker: CATWA | Bento Lollipop

Tattoo: {T’Ink} | Uni-Corni

Bikini: Sn@tch | Sofie Ruffled Bikinis {thank you Ivey! ♥}

The Sofie Ruffled Bikini comes with so many colors and patterns! And Tons of sizes! Its such a cute little number! Check out AD for all sizes and colors/patterns.

{ Click Here To See AD }

Sn@tch’s Blog | Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook 

Pose/Beach Ball: Kirin | Fun at the Beach Pose Pack

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Grass: [we’re CLOSED] | grass field lush

Pool: *SprinklyWinks* | Summer Splash Pool *Dino*

 Also Posted On Tumblr + Instagram + Plurk


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