00377 | A Collection

A Collection

Dwelling: Home| EarsLisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke – Shadow Magnet

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

{ Close Up One | Close Up Two }

Cabinet: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Apothecary Shelves {thank you Fenni! ♥}

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Top Shelf { From Left To Right }

Kraken Tank: +Half-Deer+ | Baby Kraken – Princess Grapefruit

Lamp: Plagued x [SWL] | Industrial Lamp

Bottle: [Deadwool] | 5. Syringe-x {gacha}

Offering Bowl: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | God Offering Bowl {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Dolls: Remarkable Oblivion | Spook Show – Bess Dress Mannequin + Soggy Sarah Mannequin {gachas}

Bulb: tarte. | aquarium bulb {gacha}

Phone: Junk Food | Joyce’s Burned Phone {gacha}

Doll: Junk Food | Eleven Figure RARE {gacha}

Head: NOMAD | The Social Guru

Cat: NOMAD | Cat Anatomy Model {gacha}

Succulents: The Plastik | Rholite Succulents (Bad Witch Epiphany Exclusive)

Second Shelf { From Left To Right }

Cat: NOMAD | Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey

Dream Catcher: The Plastik | Revival Catcher Dark

Succulents: The Plastik | Succulent Group (Exclusive)

Skull Dome: The Plastik | Mohma Cloche (Bad Witch Epiphany Exclusive)

Skull Dome w/Butterflies: The Plastik | Mohma Cloche (Good Witch Epiphany Exclusive)

Constellation: +Half-Deer+ | Framed Constellation Lights – The Big Dipper

Mermaid Cat: +Half-Deer+ | Merkitty – Lounging (Snow) {gacha} { @The Arcade | Ends 6.30.2017 }

Voodoo Doll: Madpea | Voodoo Valentine – Pin You Down {gacha}

Clown: NOMAD | Mechanical Toy // Maracas Clown

Potions: Birdy | Altar set – Bottles {gacha}

Deer: +Half-Deer+ | Deer Planter – Brown

Lamp: Mutresse | Ufo-Fancy Lamps

Unicorn Dome: The Plastik | Extinct Magic Cloche:// Magical (Darkwood)

Third Shelf { From Left To Right }

Mannequin: NOMAD | Vintage Mannequin 02

Sheep: +Half-Deer+ | Kerfluffle Sheep II – Big BAAAD Wolf RARE {gacha}

Ram: Birdy | Altar set – Ram skull – white {gacha}

Incense: dust bunny | woodland dreams . feather incense {gacha}

Crystal Balls: The Plastik | Crystal Balls Cluster (Exclusive)

Bottles: The Plastik | Metalspire Bottle, Morocco Bottle, Faceted Herbal Jar:// Rose Tea, Crystle Bottle, Cabo Bottle, and Fanne Bottle {gachas} { @Lootbox | Ends 7.20.2017 }

Skull: Apt B | TAG! Gacha Skull Light {gacha}

Jewelry Dish: +Half-Deer+ | Mer-deer Trinket Dish (Lilac)

Skull:  22769 | [bauwerk] Human Skull – COMMON {gacha}

Votive: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Owl Glass Votive {gacha} {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Paper: T-3D CREATIONS | Paper Crumple

Devil Mask: Better Gnomes and Cauldrons | Devil Mask

Statue: Quasi | Caged – Submission

Potion: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Red Brick Dust Fleur Bottle {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Hand: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Palmist’s Hand V.2 {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Fourth Shelf { From Left To Right }

Goats: +Half-Deer+ | Goat Bro – Figurine (Pepper) + (Rusty)

Lantern: {LORE} | Marrakesh Lanterns {thank you Lalita! ♥}

{LORE}’s Marketplace | Blog 

Candle: Velika Rituals | Cauldron Candle – Triqueta {gacha} {thank you Maya! ♥}

Velika Rituals’ Flickr | Tumblr | Facebook 

Mannequin: NOMAD | Test Tube Orchid Red {gacha}

Runes: The Plastik | Divination Clutter (Exclusive)

Crow/Candle: The Plastik | Poe Candle:// Crow & Candle (Exclusive)

UFO: -ATTIC- | Hanging Wooden Single UFO {gacha}

Crystal Ball: *HEXtraordinary* | Scrying Crystal

Geode: Velika Rituals | Garnet Geode {gacha} {thank you Maya! ♥}

Fox: +Half-Deer+ | Low Poly Lullaby – Standing Fox {gacha}

Jewelry Box: {LORE} | Countess Jewelry Box { @We ❤ Roleplay  | Ends 6.30.2017 }  {thank you Lalita! ♥}

Elephant: The Plastik | Tritrunks Planter

Pendulum: Velika Rituals | Pendulum (Amethyst) {thank you Maya! ♥}

Potions: Melon Bunny | Jar of Bones [Uncommon], Grave Dirt [Uncommon], Jar of Hearts [Uncommon] {gachas}

Light Dome: The Plastik | Sparkle Cloche Dark {gacha}

Key+Half-Deer+ | Stag Key Wall Hanging (tex. change)

Nessie: +Half-Deer+ | Baby Sea Monster – Blues – Figurine Size

Fifth Shelf { From Left To Right }

Candle: Velika Rituals | Candle Planchette – Cute {gacha} {thank you Maya! ♥}

Plant: The Plastik | Hydropine Hanger:// Darkness

Dirt: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Crossroads Dirt Mason Jar {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Pentagram: {LORE} | Twiggy Pentagram {thank you Lalita! ♥}

Bowl: The Plastik | Volke Sandbowl {gacha}

Witch Ball: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Witch Ball – Rainbow – Short {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Pyramid: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Lapis Lazuli Pyramid With Feet {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Books: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Book Clutter – B {gacha} {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Butterfly: +Half-Deer+ | Morpho Butterfleye – Framed

Tools: Death Row Designs |  asylum medical tools + elektroshockmachine

Tower: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Selenite Tower on Light Base {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Microscope: NOMAD | Microscope {gacha}

Pyramid: The Plastik | Pyra Decor (Bad Witch Epiphany Exclusive)

Chakra: {LORE} | Chakra Wall Art (gold) {thank you Lalita! ♥}

Geode: Velika Rituals | Citrine Geode {gacha} {thank you Maya! ♥}

Snail: comet. | + sleeping slug + {violet} {gacha}

Crystals: The Plastik | Crystal Clutter (Exclusive)

Candle: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Hekate Candle Shrine V.2 – Vermilion {thank you Fenni! ♥}

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