00422 | Part Of The Coven

Part Of The Coven

Dwelling: The Coven | EarsIAMX – Nature Of Inviting

Horns: Sn@tch | Rhiannon Curled Horns {thank you Ivey! ♥}

The Rhiannon Curled Horns come with a HUD with 22 colors to choose from! Also there are opens for Diamond or Onyx Gems. 

Click Here To See AD }

Sn@tch’s Blog | Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook

Hair: Moon. | ccxx { @The Coven | Ends 8.24.2017 } {thank you Silent! ♥}

The ccxx Hair comes in 10 Color Packs. 

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Moon’s Flickr 

Septum Piercing: The Little Bat | Coffin Septum w/ HUD  {thank you Drusilla! ♥}

The Little Bat’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook

Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ | CATWA Whispers applier

Mouth Animation: CATWA | ANIM Lips [J]

Necklace: Zombie Suicide | Protection Necklace { @The Coven | Ends 8.24.2017 } {thank you Isis! ♥}

The Protection Necklace is Part of a Necklace/Earring Set. However the Earrings are Not pictured, please see AD below to see them. This set also comes with a HUD to change the colors of the star and gem. 

Click Here To See AD } | { Click Here To See Close Up Of Necklace }

Zombie Suicide’s Flickr | Blog | Marketplace | Facebook 

Romper: Pacagaia Creations | Nenna Romper {thank you Pacagaia! ♥}

The Nenna Romper comes in the following sizes: Maitreya, Slink, TMP, and Belleza. It also comes with a HUD with 7 different denim textures.  

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Pacagaia Creations’ Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook | Website 

Pose: Besa | Lunar Set 01 – 04 { @The Coven | Ends 8.24.2017 } {thank you Yabesa! ♥}

The Lunar Poses come in 3 different packs. 

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Besa’s Flickr 

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Broken Mirror: MedievalFantasy | Broken actor theater mirror

Candles: Mesh Nation | Cluster of Candles – textured

Tree: ANC Ltd. | tears tree[ink] 1Li (S)

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