00403 | Blueberry


Dwelling: Home | Ears: N/A

Hair: *Besom | Wish *Colors*

Eye Shadow: ~Shiny Stuffs~ | CATWA Glances applier { @Mesh Body Addicts | Ends 8.1.2017 }

Glasses: Timeless | Luna Glasses – Onyx {thank you Juliette + Gabriel! ♥}

The Luna Glasses come in the following colors: Gold, Bronze, Silver, and Onyx. 

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Timeless’ Marketplace | Facebook | Flickr

Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ | CATWA Whispers applier { @Mesh Body Addicts | Ends 8.1.2017 }

Top: Nightmare | Wench Chevron Top { @Genre | Ends 8.12.2017 } {thank you Asylum!♥}

The Wench Chevron Top comes with a HUD with lots of color combos to choose from! It also comes in the following sizes: Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya. 

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Nightmare’s Flickr | Marketplace

Pose: ::WetCat:: |  “Somber” Cigarette Set

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00392 | The Wonder

The Wonder

Dwelling: Jeogeot Gulf | EarsPink Floyd – Money (Studio Version)

Hair: *Soonsiki { Now Besom } | Day Dreams *Reds*

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane | Star Spangled Fantasy { @Totally Top Shelf | Ends 7.26.2017 } {thank you Izzy! ♥}

The Star Spangled Fantasy Outfit comes with a Body Suit, Bracelets, Whip, Rope, and Tiara. This outfit only fits Maitreya. It also comes with a HUD to make this costume a very naughty version, top down, panties to the side. Ooh La La! 

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1313 Mockingbird Lane’s  Facebook | Flickr | Marketplace

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00388 | I Purred Once….

I Purred Once….

Dwelling: Home | Ears: N/A

Hair/Hat: *Besom |New Girl *Wash out*

Tattoo: Addicted To Ink | Magical Circus { @Applique  | Opens 7.15.2017 }{thank you Bookie + Aisha!♥}

This tattoo comes in a Fresh, Semi, and Faded Version and comes in the following options: Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, and TMP. 

Addicted To Ink’s Flickr | Instagram | Facebook | Marketplace

Top: Suicidal Unborn | Black Carnival Crop Top #12

Shorts: .epoch.  | safiya shorts. black. { @Suicide Dollz | Ends 7.20.2017 }{thank you Lylah! ♥}

The Safiya Shorts come in a several different colors. They fit the following sizes: Slink and Maitreya.

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.epoch.’s Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook 

Socks: Suicidal Unborn | Garter Socks Nylon BLACK

Shoes: +Psycho Barbie+ | Mischievous Heels { @Suicide Dollz | Ends 7.20.2017 } {thank you Lex!♥}

These Mischievous Heels come with a 42 Color HUD! They also come in the following sizes: Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza. 

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+Psycho Barbie+’s Facebook | Flickr  | Marketplace

Pose: Reve Obscura | Hey BENTO Pose

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00370 | My Pet Monsta’

My Pet Monsta’

Dwelling: Home| Ears: Shannon – Let The Music Play

Hair: *BESOM | Bae *Acid* #2 {gacha}

Tattoo: Addicted To Ink | Colorful Dreams { @Level Up | Ends 6.29.2017 }{thank you Bookie + Aisha!♥}

This tattoo comes in a Fresh, Semi, and Faded Version and comes in the following options: Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, EVE, and TMP. 

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Addicted To Ink’s Flickr | Instagram | Facebook | Marketplace

Panties: erratic | scarlett – lingerie / black SET

Shoes: The Little Bat | Tia Heels w/ HUD { @Suicide Dollz | Ends 7.7.2017 } {thank you Drusilla! ♥}

These Tia Heels are so cute! They come in sizes for: Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya. They also come with a color HUD! 

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The Little Bat’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook

Pose: MILA Poses | 03 (sit)

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Rug: ~silentsparrow~ | (Rainbow) Monster Rug

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00349 | Finding Some Comfort

Finding Some Comfort

Dwelling: Home | Ears: The Cure – Pictures Of You

Hair/Veil: Besom |~Show Stopper*Wash out*

Septum Piercing: .random.Matter. | Rasputina Septum Ring – Gold

Lipstick: Pink Fuel | CATWA LIPSTICK – Jacqueline ADD-ON Lipstick

Top/Harness/Skirt: Birdy | Baby Girl – Top & Skirt Pink { @The Arcade | Ends 6.30.2017 }

Leg Straps: Phedora | Essie Leg Straps ( 35 colors )

Nails: +Spellbound+ | Spooky Salon // Sugar High {gacha}

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Bear/Blocks: Anam Cara Designs | Deceptively Innocent Babygirl Blocks Adult

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00256 | Love Is Love

Love Is Love

Dwelling: Home | EarsJason Charles Miller – Uncountry

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

Hair: *Soonsiki~ {Now Besom} | Day Dreams *Reds*

Top/Shorts: .epoch.  | heartbreaker set 1. {thank you Lylah! ♥}

This awesome heartbreaker set comes with Shorts {hearts w/red and hearts w/pink} and a Top {white and black}. It comes in sizes Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.

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.epoch.’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook

Shoes: The Little Bat | Dahlia Wedges w/ HUD {thank you Drusilla! ♥}

These shoes are so cute and come with a HUD with 12 different colors to choose from. They come in sizes for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

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The Little Bat’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook

00161 | A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas

Dwelling: Home | Ears: Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

What I’m Wearing In This Photo

Hair/Hat: BESOMxREIGN. | Quite Spoiled  *Blacks*

Piercing: .random.Matter. | Nodin Feather Chain

Necklace: .random.Matter. | Tegrin Necklace – Crybaby

Ring Set: The Plastik | The Mori Ringset:// Noir

Bracelets: GUTCHI | Punk Bracelet Premium { @SaNaRae | Ends 12.18.2016 }

Choker: Black Bantam | Meow Choker Silver { @N21 | Ends 12.12.2016 }

Shirt: [Cynful]  | Exposed – Eggplant { @Ultra }

Shorts: Mon Cheri | Frayed Denim Hotpants / Dipdye-Smoke

Boots: phedora. | Lydia Boots

Harness Garter: Asteria | “Nika” Harness Garter – Black

Tattoo: DATUM  | Charmed Tattoo

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Artwork:  ::cute as f*ck::  | Canvas – Day of the Dead Owl – Purple  { @Creepy Cute Winter | Ends 12.31.2016 } {thank you Zoey! ♥}

cute as f*ck is offering a set of paintings for Creepy Cute Winter! 

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cute as f*ck’s Flickr | Website

Tree: .::{Solstice}::. |  Stoners Xmas Tree  {thank you Salem! ♥}

Stool: BananaN | ROBO furniture set Green.