00640 | Creator’s Office

Creator’s Office

Dwelling: Home | EarsSAINt JHN – I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night | Windlight: CalWL

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Window Crystal: .:Candle and Cauldron:. Cube Window Crystal {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Window Crystal: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Spider Window Crystal {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Window Crystal: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Moon Window Crystal {thank you Fenni! ♥}

These window crystals are amazing! They come in various lengths and shapes. They also come with the prisms for the wall/floor you would see when the sun hits them! Fenni did an amazing job on these! They also spin and sparkle.

{ Click Here To See Close Up, Cube, Moon, and Spider }

Burner: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Tears of the Moon – Backflow Incense Burner {thank you Fenni! ♥}

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Dogs: ANC Ltd. | flottante puppy. cream . jump / withCollar,  layA / withCollar, and  layB / withCollar

Rug: Cheeky Pea Carly Polka Dot Rug

Desk/Chairkosmii | Mobius Office Set { @ULTRA | Opens 3.15.2018 } {thank you Kera!♥}

The Mobius Office Set comes with Desk, Chair, and and Sculpture { not pictured, please see AD below }

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Kosmii’s  Marketplace . Facebook . Flickr 

BurgerPILOT | Burger Meal

Laptop: *paper moon*  | Creator Burnout – Overdrive Laptop RARE, Not Yet Burnt Out Datebook, Overdrive Gacha Inspo Pile, Not Yet Burnt Out Cup (Dots),  Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pile, and Not Yet Burnt Out Creative Inspo Pinned {gachas} {thank you Sohma! ♥}

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00580 | Beary Witch

Beary Witch

Dwelling: Home | EarsChris Cornell – Nothing Compares 2 U {Prince Cover Live}

Hair: Doe | 18. V2 BearBear – Pastels {gacha} { @The Epiphany | Mirror Sim |  Ends 2.12.2018 } {thank you Asheranna! ♥}

Lipstick: Izzie’s | CATWA Metallic Lipsticks

Necklace: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Pentacle Necklace {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Necklace: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Triple Moon Necklace {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Necklace: .:Candle and Cauldron:. Elegant Crystal Necklace {thank you Fenni! ♥}

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Jacket: {vincue} | Bombie+Jacket – Blush { @The Season’s Story | Ends 1.31.2018 } {thank you Asheranna! ♥}

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Pentagram: Stockholm&Lima | The Witches Circle {thank you Asheranna! ♥}

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00568 | Yule Time

Yule Time

Dwelling: Home| Ears: N/A

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Cauldrons: .~Deadly Nightshade~. | Yule Cauldrons { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Tyris! ♥}

This set of Yule Cauldrons come in 2 different finishes and 3 different sizes. 

Deadly Nightshade’s Flickr | Marketplace | Discord

Christmas Tree: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Yule Tree – Mono {thank you Fenni! ♥}

The Yule Tree comes with a HUD that makes this tree so customizable! You can change the colors on so many things on this tree. The possibilities are endless. This tree also comes in 3 other colors, which you can see here

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Tapestry: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | All Father Tapestry { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Fenni! ♥}

This tapestry is texture change by click. There are 6 colors total to choose from.

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Bats: Left Hand Path | Flying Protector – Bat { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Micheldebeaulieu! ♥}

These flying bats come with 2 versions, with and without a string.

Altar: Left Hand Path | Corner Altar (Amethyst) { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Micheldebeaulieu! ♥}

The corner altar features a skull, amethyst, and candle on its shelves.

Left Hand Path’s Marketplace 

Joy Sign: Madpea | Joy Table Decor { @MadPea’s Magical Christmas Hunt | Ends Today: 12.28.2018  } {thank you Madpea! ♥}

Reindeer: Madpea | Rustic Deer { @MadPea’s Magical Christmas Hunt | Ends Today: 12.28.2018  } {thank you Madpea! ♥}

The table decor and reindeer are a few of the awesome Madpea Magical Christmas Hunt prizes! Today is the last day for this awesome hunt, so don’t miss out. If you unfamiliar with Madpea’s hunts, hunters will go sim to sim collecting toys worth points. They will take those points and redeem them for a selection of prizes at Mad City. HUDs will also be available for hunters at the main store

Madpea’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook | Blog | Website

Pentagram: {LORE} | Palo Santo Cleansing Set {thank you Lalita! ♥}

LORE’s Marketplace | Blog

Hanging Crystals: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. | {Hanging crystals}pastel pack

Hanging Symbols: Heart | Witchwood Symbols and Props

Chair: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] | Old Library Chair Brown (ADULT)

Rug: Shabby Tabby | *Shabby* Green Room Rug

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00567 | A Little Magic

A Little Magic

Dwelling: Home| EarsBLVCK CEILING – Numb

Hair: Sn@tch | Juno Hair {thank you Ivey! ♥}

The Juno Hair comes in 5 Color Packs and has a beautiful braid down the back. { Please see AD below }

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Sn@tch’s Blog | Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook

Lipstick: .epoch.  | celebration lippy / black cherry { @N21 | Ends 1.7.2018 } {thank you Lylah! ♥}

The Black Cherry Lipstick is part of the Celebration Lippy Set! There is a total of 12 lip colors in this set, and they come in Catwa Appliers. 

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.epoch.’s Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook 

Choker: :::insanya::: | HeartChocker  {thank you Tatyana! ♥}

The HeartChocker comes in a cosmetic version and an open collar version. It also comes with  HUD to change its colors. 

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Insanya’s Facebook | Marketplace | Flickr 

Necklace: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Mjolnir Necklace { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Fenni! ♥}

The Mjolnir Necklace comes with HUD to change the colors of the cord and pendant. It also has materials enabled.

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.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

TopPacagaia Creations | Luciana Corset Top {thank you Pacagaia! ♥}

The Luciana Top comes in the following sizes: Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza. It also comes with a HUD to change the top colors and laces.

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Pacagaia Creations’ Marketplace | Flickr | Facebook | Website 

Magical Ball: .~Deadly Nightshade~. | Soul of Winter { @Yule Baazar | Ends 1.1.2018 } {thank you Tyris! ♥}

Not only is this a beautiful piece, but it can cast magic as well. The purchase of this item also get you two gestures to use to cast magic. 

Deadly Nightshade’s Flickr | Marketplace | Discord

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Pentagram: {LORE} | Twiggy Pentagram {thank you Lalita! ♥}

LORE’s Marketplace | Blog

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00522 | Moonlit


Dwelling: Home | Ears: Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Garage: ROOST | York Vale Garage

Projector: [ keke ] | dreamers projector – moon

Table: [PM]Pixel Mode | Basevi – End Table – Black

Candles: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Shrine Candles {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Comes with left and right version, touch on/off  with flicker effect, and has 5 faces that can be modified. 

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.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Constellations: +Half-Deer+ | Framed Constellation Lights – Andromeda, Canis Major, and The Big Dipper

** Please Note: The Moon on the headboard is a light projection and are not part of the bed. **

Bed/Rug/: N4RS | Motel Bed { @FaMESHED | Cam Sim | Ends 12.27.2017 } {thank you Alecat! ♥}

The Motel Bed comes in a PG and Adult Version. It also includes, a rug. 

Click Here To See AD }

N4RS’ Facebook | Marketplace | Flickr | Plurk

Hand Decor: [ keke ] | mystery hand

Chest: junk. | apothecary chest.

Chair: [Krescendo] | Red Fife Ranch – Saddle Chair (Red) {thank you Kestrel! ♥}

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00500 | Huh? Me So Corny?

Huh? Me So Corny?

Dwelling: Home | Ears: N/A

Hat: +Spellbound+ | Wednesday // Chapter II : Sky

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ | Harper Mesh Hair – Fireworks { @Panic Of Pumpkin | Ends 11.4.2017 }

Bat Blush: VileCult | Lil Bat v2 Blush { @The Secret Hideout | Ends 10.31.2017 }

Eyeshadow/Lipstick: Izzie’s | Glitter Make-Up (FLF)

Lollipop: BN inc. | My messy lollipops

Collar: DAZED. | Unfriendly Collar Onyx { @The Black Fair | Ends 10.20.2017 }

Top: The Little Bat | Trixie Top w/ HUD {gift} { Close Up Here } { @Trick Or Treat Lane | Ends 11.3.2017 } {thank you Drusilla! ♥}

The Trixie Top  is a free gift at Trick Or Treat Lane! It comes in the following sizes: Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, and Classic Mesh Sizes. It includes a HUD with 10 Textures to choose from! Also, all TLB items are 31% off! 

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The Little Bat’s Flickr | Marketplace | Facebook

Shorts: SPIRIT | Anita shorts [BLACK] { @Kustom9 | Ends 11.10.2017 }

Rings: (Yummy) | Nightmare Ring Set { Close Up Here } { @Collabor88 | Ends 11.6.2017 }

Nail Polish: CHAT NOIR | Nail 005 Maitreya app { Close Up Here } { @Panic Of Pumpkin | Ends 11.4.2017 }

Tattoo: .Xo Tattoos | _Holy Kitten_  { Close Up Here } {thank you Izibod! ♥}

The Holy Kitten comes in Omega Appliers Only with 3 different shades: 100%, 75%, and 50%. 

{ Click Here To See AD }

Xo Tattoos’ Landmark | Marketplace | Flickr 

Socks/Shoes: fri.day | Bea Heels (Bats)

Pose: Hello Gorgeous. | Daryl – 3 { @Somber | Ends 11.6.2017 }

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Rug: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Moon Rug { @Season Of The Witch | Ends 11.4.2017 } {thank you Fenni! ♥}

Brooms: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Broom Parking { @Season Of The Witch | Ends 11.4.2017 } {thank you Fenni! ♥}

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Chair: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Cauldron Chair { @Fallen Gods Decennial | Ends 10.31.2017 } {thank you Fenni! ♥}

This Cauldron Chair is AMAZING! It comes with 18 Solo Animations and comes with a HUD to change the textures of the cushions! 

Click Here To See AD }

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ | Spilled Candy Corn – Original – Scattered

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00499 | Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Dwelling: Home | Ears: Kristin Hersh – Me and My Charms

{ To See Image In Color, Click Here }

Hair: Runaway | Crystal Hair – Colorful

Collar: DAZED. | Unfriendly Collar Onyx { @The Black Fair | Ends 10.20.2017 }

Dress: B E N D E R | Witchy Black { @On9 | Ends 10.28.2017 }

Potion: .random.Matter. | Potioneer Set – Plain Potion Bottle

Particles: Cole’s Corner | Summer Solstice – Gardens, Linens, and Plushie {thank you Cole! ♥}

Pose: Poseidon | Wiccan Complete – 5 { @Season Of The Witch | Ends 11.4.2017 }

Furniture / Deco In This Photo

Trees/Ground: Studio Skye | Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Crystal Lights: . a i s l i n g . | Crystal Lights – Orange + Purple

Cauldron: :{Atomic}: | Cauldron – Large

Particles: Cole’s Corner | Good Witch {thank you Cole! ♥}

Rustic Pumpkins: .:Candle and Cauldron:. | Rustic Pumpkin Patch Pack  {thank you Fenni! ♥}

The Rustic Pumpkin Patch comes with lots of pumpkins to decorate with! Pictured here is the Tall, Round, Lopsided, Big, and Pentacle Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkins. Please see image below to see all 16 Pumpkins and their glowing glory as they are amazing! All Pumpkins are material enabled and the jack o lanterns are click on and off.  You get 4 uncarved pumpkins and 12 functional pumpkins. 

Click Here To See All Pumpkins }

.:Candle and Cauldron:.’s Marketplace | Facebook | Plurk Flickr

Candles: . a i s l i n g . | Candles – Natural

Fog: Dysfunctionality | Creeping Fog

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